After arriving, checking out the terrain and talking to all major magazines, websites and blogs in the country, Bryan Boy, who spoke to Glamurama on Tuesday, blogged about Brazilian hospitality, but the fawning wasn’t limited to our good manners. Bryan said that “Brazilians are some of the friendliest, warmest and [most] cheerful people in the world” and stressed that fans shouldn’t be afraid to approach him. After all, he loves meeting new readers.

* Bryan said he has been interviewed by several media outlets on what he expected of Brazilian fashion and Fashion Rio. As this is his first time here, he told the truth and fears he has been misinterpreted. He wrote on his blog that he doesn’t have any expectations and knows only the work of Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rosa Chá and Melissa. He’s here to find out what we have to s offer?

* He also admitted that neither him nor any other blogger has to know everything. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Bryan Boy and Thereza Chammas, the fashionista and a friend: rant on the blog!