Grazi Martine and Jacque Shor: not friends anymore
Grazi Martine and Jacque Shor: not friends anymore

The case of con in a group of Sao Paulo’s hi-society goes way beyond comments on Facebook. Glamurama found out that Peruvian art collector Jacqueline Shor filed charges in the 15th Precinct in Itaim, on Wednesday the 25th, claiming theft, embezzlement and forgery. The accused is Graziela Martine, who was a friend of Jacqueline until then. Working as a volunteer at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBE), Graziela began to move in high circles, and six years ago she became very close to Jacqueline. According to the police investigation, Grazi would have usurped the equivalent of R$ 100,000 from her friend.

“The accusation is that Graziela had access to Jacqueline’s checks and used them to pay personal bills as if it were her own,” said police chief Cesar Saad, of the 15th Precinct. He said investigators, armed with subpoena, went after in Graziela twice at MuBE, where she worked, but couldn’t find her to take her statement. “Through her attorneys, she claims to be out of town. She promised to come forward to testify next week. Otherwise, she will be considered a fugitive,” said Saad.

Besides Jacqueline Shor, a Portuguese businessman would have been a victim of the con. He allegedly lent Graziela his credit card so she could use it for airline miles, but she would have carged around R$ 10,000 on the card without the knowledge of the business. FYI: the entrepreneur wouldn’t even have checked his credit card bill if Jacqueline’s complaint hadn’t come to light, so much did he trust Graziela. The entrepreneur doesn’t want to press charges.


Since 2009, Martine Graziela has been part of this group of friends. Among them, there are those who point out that she had already given evidence of her questionable character when, for example, she organized a pre-wedding party for Jacqueline Shor, who is married to Spanish businessman Jose Maria Ledesma. At the time, Graziela would have raised money from the guests to pay suppliers, who never received a dime.

She has also been subject of controversy in the society columns when, in 2011, she had a fight with Joanna Trabulsi, former fiancee of Henrique Pinto, at the wedding of Fernanda Rolim and Marcelo Fedak. The reason for the fight, which even had drinks being thrown around and exchanging barbs in magazines, would have been Joanna’s current husband, Filipe Ridolfi.

Investigated for stealing around R$ 100,000 – which would have been spent on hairdressers, restaurants and shopping – from Jacqueline Shor, Graziela Martine is said to have been removed from her volunteer work at MuBE, and among other social losses, she’s forbidden to enter the bar Numero. People close to her say she is still at home under the influence of tranquilizers.