Everything was superlative on Tuesday evening. "What we’re about to watch today is simply the epitome of Brazilian music: the best performer with the greatest composer in the country. That’s it," said singer Vanessa da Mata before the concert started. And it really was. Maria Bethania performed songs by Chico Buarque to a full house at Via Funchal in Itaim, – as a part of the Circuito Cultural Banco do Brasil project.

* Before the performance, Monique Gardenberg, creator of the event, greeted friends. In the first line, a cool group: Beatriz Segall, Zé Pedro, Charly Braun, Dandara Ferreira, Marina Morena, Rafael Cesana, Pedro Tourinho, Rosman Braz and Vanessa da Mata.

* There were 28 songs beautifully performed. She sang, almost without pause, songs like “João e Maria”, “Cálice”, “Roda Viva”, “Cotidiano”, “Apesar de Você” and “Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vê”, which the audience helped singing. Another special moment was the screening of a video of Bethania and Chico singing “Sem Fantasia", which the singer watched with a huge smile on her face. * At the end, another surprise. "For the encore, I thought of a song to warm the heart, but I decided to choose Chico’s best-known song, which is actually a tribute to Nara Leao, its first great interpreter," said Bethania before singing "A Banda". When she got onstage for the last time, singing “Samba Enredo 1998 – Chico Buarque da Mangueira," everyone was on their feet, singing and dancing. Glamurama loved it!

Maria Bethania: excitement for many