The Lincoln Center experienced moments of shooting, fighting and bombs late on Wednesday in New York. And guess what? The Americans didn’t ask to leave or run for the exits. With the exception of one or two old ladies who left the room within the first 30 minutes of the film, the audience of guests who packed the theater to check out the charity premiere of "Tropa de Elite 2", remained glued to their seat and rose to their feet the end of the film selected to represent Brazil at the Oscars.

* Just before the screening, director José Padilha exchanged ideas with partner and producer Marcos Prado, accompanied by animator Carlos Saldanha, who attended the event. And he used his fluent English with Americans who passed by. Padilha said little in his speech before the screening – it wasn’t necessary.

* "I loved it," says an American milionette. "It’s so powerful, with a mix of documentary and fiction …". "That’s because it’s not fiction, but really a documentary," says Padilha. "And Wagner [Moura]," asks a friend. "He’s in Mexico with Matt Damon," Jose answers about the protagonist, who’s shooting the movie "Elysium". Regardless of a Academy nomination, which will only be revealed on January 26, "Tropa de Elite 2" already is already making history.

José Padilha: success in New York

By Pedro Henrique França, from New York