The news that the new Strokes album, "Angles" would come out on March 21 came as a relief to many fans. After all, it’s uncommon for a band to take five years between albums and many people thought the band had split up.

* But, gradually, the members are giving interviews with details of this long soap opera. Guitarist Nick Valensi said, this week, that it was a lot of work: "It took time. Maybe everyone needed money or something. ‘We gotta pay our mortgage so may as well get this going again.’ I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t elements of hostility there. Undertones of hostility and resentment."

* He added saying that he knows the album won’t meet everyone’s expectations. "I feel like no matter what the record is, or how hard we worked on it, or how much we like it, it’s not going to live up to people’s expectations only because of those five years between the last one and this one." Ok, then!

Nick Valensi: production details of the Strokes' latest record