Contrary to popular belief, Amy has behaved exemplarily at Santa Teresa Hotel. Does she drink? Yes, practically the entire day. But stories that she has been trashing her room and throwing champaign glasses out the window couldn’t be further from the truth. Her room is, in fact, always tidy and she only stays there to sleep.

* The rest of the time she spends by the pool, mingled with the hotel’s other guests. No trace of drama or diva attacks. It’s there that, by the way, she drinks while sunbathing. When the sun sets, she goes to Teréze, the hotel’s restaurant, located on the floor below the pool, and continues drinking.

* This Sunday, for instance, she was there, barely able to stand, but keeping her voice low while telling jokes and having fun with friends. Were it not for her hair and bodyguards, she could easily pass for a tourist on vacation in Rio. The singer has been very sweet to all hotel employees. Most of them, for the record, have been given free tickets to her concert by Amy herself.Amy Winehouse: under the influence, but well behaved.