Gal Costa is back. The new CD, called "Recanto," will be in stores on December 6, six years after her last album. The work was produced by Caetano, Moreno Veloso, Gal’s godson, and Kassin, and the cover also has a fancy name behind it. The super-close-up shot was taken by Gilda Midani in August, in a studio in Rio, and it’s amazing!

* Oh, and do you want to know more? The work song is called "Neguinho," was written by Caetano and has all electronic beats done by Zeca, eldest son of Caetano with Paula Lavigne. "The album is my compositional work now. I wanted to do it with the sound of her voice. It was not merely recalling Gal’s past, but making something with her that was strong as a current expression and thus would live up to our history. I’ve dreamt about this for a long time," said Caetano. Check out the final result:

The cover of Gal Costa's new album "Recanto:" a team of aces