Get ready to cry: after Cláudia Faissol, the wife of Joao Gilberto, announced that the musician would cancel his performances in Rio and Sao Paulo, OCP Comunicação and Maurício Pessoa Produções, the companies responsible for the tour "Joao Gilberto 80 years", announced today that all the singer’s performances have been suspended.

* In a statement, the producers said they were surprised by the media’s information on the postponing of the 2012 tour, even before they were communicated by the performer or his representatives and, therefore, decided to suspend the tour all together.

* And again they stated that everyone who bought tickets will be duly compensated by theaters / shopping locations. Furthermore, they said that they’ll only reveal new information on the tour after the artist’s complete recovery and the rescheduling of all the shows. We’ll be cheering!

Joao Gilberto: canceled tour