La Fiorentina, classic Italian restaurant in Rio and favorite of the intelligentsia of the city since the 1960s, will have a “child”. We’re talking about Bar do Teatro, located in the same Avenida Atlântica as the restaurant, which opens on Monday.

* With project by the architect Chicô Gouvea, the bar is decorated with trophies and prizes donated by 45 artists, filmmakers and writers who have been part of the Leme restaurant’s history. Some names? Laura Cardoso, Marilia Pêra, Erasmo Carlos, Antonio Aburamja, Eva Wilma, Camila Pitanga, Glória Pérez and Sergio Rezende, among others.

* But the most special piece that will adorn the walls of Bar do Teatro is an offering of Anselmo Duarte’s family, the Palme d’Or the director received for “O Pagador de Promessas” ("The Payer of Promises"), at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival.When Anselmo came to Brazil with the trophy in hand, he let out a sentence that would become a legend in the history of the restaurant: "Winning the Palme d’Or is easy, what’s hard is to please at Fiorentina.