On Tuesday, excellent news was given by Bruno Medina, keyboardist for the Los Hermanos. The band will be back in 2012. No new album, at least for now, but rather a tour. The announcement was made on his blog and left the band’s many fans over the moon. Check out an excerpt:

* "2012 will be year of touring for Los Hermanos! It is true that it won’t be one of those extensive, months-long tour, but there’ll be a good sequence of presentations, which will give us the chance to once again be on stage together, and meet again the public of cherished cities that are already part of our history, some of which we haven’t been to in a long time. The concerts will take place between April and May and will coincide with the 15th anniversary of formation of the band."

Los Hermanos on the road in 2012: good news!