This Thursday, Glamurama participated in the presentation party of perfumes Escentric 01, Molecule 01 and The Beautiful Mind, created by German perfumer Geza Schoen. The event, held at MAM, in São Paulo, was attended by the fragrances’ “godfather,” Tim Banks, the editor of ""

* We took advantage of the meeting to chat with the lad, who has revealed his favorite essence. "Escentric 01 is my favorite because it’s strong and it’s the one that most arouses reactions in people. They are really attracted by the smell," said Tim. Geza Schoen’s idea is, in fact, to create sophisticated and sexy essences that can be worn by both men and women.

* And since we were on the subject, we wanted to know what Tim’s favorite smell is. "My dogs’s," he answered, laughing. As irreverent as the aroma that brings him good memories: "Creosote (a chemical compound, like tar, which helps preserve wood). I remember my grandmother’s house, where I grew up," he said. A very sentimental smell memory, right?

Tim Blanks: small talk and fragrances in Sao Paulo