Music experts have been saying that these Brazilian concerts are very important to Amy Winehouse’s career. They can show that she is, in fact, capable of coming back to the circuit, in a professional manner, leaving behind her crazier days. If that’s the case, Amy did her homework and surprised everyone on her first show in Florianopolis, this Saturday.

* Unlike what people expected, she arrived almost on time, by helicopter at the Stage Music Park, in Jurere and soon stepped onstage, no fuss whatsoever. Wearing a very tight dress, Amy sang her new songs as well as classics requested by the audience, with few mishaps. She drank only water the whole time, but ended up forgetting the lyrics to some of her songs. She finished the concert and returned to Rio de Janeiro.

* In the corner of the stage, Alessandra Ambrosio ruled the VIP area. Matheus Mazzafera, Rico Mansur, Maria Gadu, Eliza Joenck, Ana Luiza Castro, Ronaldinho Gaucho, and Leo Ribeiro were also there, among other cool people.

* After the show, these crazy kids continued to party at club Posh.

Amy Winehouse: too normal