Glamurama reported firsthand the partnerships of Francisco Costa and Neon with Macy’s for the project "Brazil: Magical Journey." Well, on Tuesday, "WWD" published the first images of the project, including the sketch of the area and some pieces. Before the journey begins, on April 22, Macy’s will open a corner called "The Market", which will sell more than 100 options of Brazilian products, including beauty products, fashion, food, art and home utensils – available in three hundred stores and the brand’s own website. Ah! 10% of sales will go to NGOs that protect the Amazon rainforest.

* The official launch of partnerships with Brazilian designers will take place on May 15 and, besides the works of Francisco Costa, Neon, Cecilia Prado and Isabela Capeto, Macy’s enlisted the American Rachel Roy to create a capsule collection in partnership with singer Seu Jorge. The inspiration? Bossa Nova. The pair developed jewelry, clutches, dresses, espadrilles and other accessories to be sold for $ 24 to $ 149 in 80 Macy’s stores.

* And you better get ready, because Macy’s will also be invaded by the brands Sauipe, Despi and ANK – Beachwear – , Art da Terra, Phebo and Natura Ekos. The architect and designer Marcelo Rosenbaum also created a pocket-collection, with very charming mugs and trays. Even the good old Brazilian coffee will be present there. Pride in green and yellow!

The duo Seu Jorge and Rachel Roy, the jewels of Art da Terra, Isabela Capeto's tote bag, Marcelo Rosenbaum's mug and tray, Pilão coffee and the sketch of Brazilian space inside Macy's: everything for the project