The person laughing at random since last week is comedian Conan O’Brien, who finally came to occupy a position of prominence in the night time of American TV. After being fired from NBC, where he hosted "Tonight Show", Conan was hired by the cable channel TBS to present a talk show late night in the same manner as the previous attraction, named " Conan ".

* Results: In addition to Conan pocketing multimillion-dollar compensation for breach of contract, paid by NBC, the new program is giving the biggest headache for both Jay Leno, who returned to present the "Tonight Show, " and David Letterman, who heads the "Late Show "on CBS. Among the younger audience, the most sought by advertisers, Conan is already the undisputed leader of the audience. That’s what laughing last means. And it’s a loud one!

Conan O'Brien: the comeback