Jeans, plaid shirt and mascara. That was what Gisele Bundchen was wearing when she launched the first line of Sejaa Pure Skincare, a brand of natural products for skin. And, as always, she was super friendly, joked with the guests and mainly talked about her philosophy of life.

* "I made the cream for me, because I missed really healthy products. I want them [people] to take care of themselves. After all, you are what is best thing in your life," she said. The model was really emphatic about this idea. She claims that Sejaa are not just products but a whole philosophy of life, more natural and health oriented. Moreover, she tested the creams – one for day, one evening and another for a sludge treatment – herself, since the research began two and a half years ago.

* As with everything that she does, Gisele, Sejaa is "green" and eco-friendly, from the ingredient suppliers to packaging. The creams are produced in the United States, at a plant that uses wind and solar energy. Why aren’t they manufactured here? "Too much bureaucracy! Unfortunately. But I want to produce them here, to lower the price. Even my mother complained about it, but I told her, ‘Mom, there is twice as much cream as in the products you have. Mrs. Vanya, come on! " The three creams together cost almost R$ 300.

* She ended the meeting by proposing we make a promise to ourselves: "Take an hour in your day to do whatever you want to do. My husband always says, ‘Don’t think about what you have to do, but about what you want to do. " Ah, the model has plans to write a book, but didn’t give away any details… Busy bee, isn’t she?

Gisele Bundchen: primarily concerned with health