This week the site “The Business of Fashion” published an article focused on the boom of Brazilian fashion industry. According to the publication, this is the talk of the moment in the fashion world. In the article, the country is portrayed as the land of opportunities, the place that receives more investments from foreign brands. São Paulo and Brasilia – according to site a luxury market in fast and great ascension – are the cities that concentrate most investments.

* That’s not the only thing that cats the attention. The portal affirms that Brazil is the only one of the BRICs that has a major fashion industry of its own, with a range of established brands from ready-to-wear to high fashion – and cites Osklen as a successful case, and Daslu as legendary luxury department store. The biggest concern however is the high import duties.

* With high external investments, a strong domestic market and São Paulo Fashion Week, that attracts media from all over the world, “Brazil is on fire” says the website, one of the most read in fashion world, according to “Daily Telegraph”.