Paris Couture Week, which ends on Thursday, continues to inspire, with collections that ensure that there’s still a place for luxury in fashion. The latest shows to prove that were Chanel, Martin Margiela and of the Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins, which took place earlier this week.

* In this edition, Karl Lagerfeld chose a cozy space on Rue Cambon, and the decor was inspired by Coco Chanel’s apartment. All to show a collection "beyond the simple", as he put it. The stylist bet on pastel shades, a more casual look and even a pair of jeans, which goes against what many people consider couture.

* Martin Margiela, on the other hand, created colorful pieces with floral prints, quirky and joyful. The maison played with volume, cuts and fabrics. A veritable explosion of color. Finally, Gustavo Lins found inspiration in geometry. Most of his pieces were black, and there were many coats and dresses. Very sober.

Shows of Atelier Gustavo Lins, Chanel and Maison Martin Margiela: Paris Haute Couture Week