Forget Vivi Orth’s platinum tresses! The top’s got brown hair brown on the cover of the December issue of MODA magazine, beautiful as always – and full of stories to tell.

* Evangelical since she was a child, Vivi, who always attended the Baptist church, thought she’d be a missionary. "I wanted to go to Africa, bring religion to people. Today I don’t think about it anymore, but it’s not something I’d rule out in a few years," she said. But fate did not want that, and at age 13, Vivi was discovered and settled in Sao Paulo. Her international career soon took off, and at age 16, she moved to Paris. She’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen and Fendi.

* She was also a model for Christian Dior’s shows and so became the darling of John Galliano, who headed the brand then. "He taught me all about haute couture: how to pose to highlight a dress, how to move my hands… I also learned about the process of creation, watching him seek inspiration and turn it into clothing," she said. To learn more about Vivi and see the beautiful pictures taken by Marício Nahas, be sure to get your copy of MODA this month. Below, check out the test’s making of.