The cutest couple on Brazilian TV will split up. William Bonner and Fatima Bernardes just announced that they will no longer work together at "Jornal Nacional". Fatima stays on until Monday, and after that, Patricia Poeta takes over. The spot of hostess of “Fantástico” won’t be vacant for long: from December 18, Renata Ceribelli takes Poeta’s place as the darling of TV Globo’s Sunday night.

* Fatima hasn’t said much about her new plans, except that she’ll continue as a journalist at Globo and that soon she’ll reveal more about the new program that she’s developing which should debut in April.

* Their friends at Globo have already started talking about the changes. Luciano Huck was the first: "Good luck to Fatima, Patricia and Renata on their new ventures. In television it’s always good to shake things up. Bold move. " Serginho Groissman also made a statement: "Patricia Poet will anchor JN and Fatima Bernardes will have her own show in 2012. Lucky for these two talented women," he tweeted. Glamurama wishes good luck to all!

* On a side note: check out the photo taken by William Bonner at the lunch after the conference just now, in Rio!

Patricia Poeta and Fatima Bernardes: lunch after the announcement of changes