If you went a little overboard in the weekend, what about enjoying some time at the beach, taking it easy even with the appetizers. As an alternative to the common snacks, Juliano Valese, of the Spanish restaurant Torero Valese, teaches a refreshing light tapa, new at his restaurant: scallops marinated in olive oil immersed in herbs and fleur de sel! Just follow the steps.

* For a scallop – choose a big one without eggs – add 40 ml of olive oil and basil, thyme, rosemary and celery sprouts. It’s best to let the herbs soak in the oil overnight, and sift it before using it.

* For the oil to become an emulsion, puree in blender quickly, then pour the scallops in the emulsion and let them rest for an hour. When serving, garnish with fresh herbs and lemon zest. In Torero, the tapa comes in a shell, with sicilian lemon sorbet. Here’s our tip!

Vieira marinada do Torero Valese: a lot of flavor!