Glamurama checked out the exhibition "Cubo Cor" by Monica Nador at Luciana Brito Gallery, which officially opens on Saturday. There, Monica, along with Luciana, welcomed guests and explained that the works are not just hers, but a shared authorship, as the artist herself defines it. "The kids do everything with me," she explains, referring to the kids of Jamac, a cultural center she created on the outskirts of Sao Paulo.

* Besides the works on canvas and paper, the artist filled four walls of the gallery with the stencil technique, creating stunning images overlapped, causing optical illusions. In fact, Monica’s entire work, as well as the production of the Jamac artists, will be in a book produced by the State Art Gallery (Pinacoteca do Estado), which should be released early next year.

Monica Nador: preview to few guests