Lionel Messi has just announced he will be pretty soon launching a men’s clothe line. He even has the marketing plans already played out to win his way in the market: the Argentinean hopes that stars from the movies, sports and music world will represent his brand in the big cities.

* ”I’m working on this for a couple of months. I will be the brand ambassador in Barcelona, Wayne Rooney [English Player] in Manchester, Frank Lampard [Chelsea Player] in London…I also talked to Jay-Z for New York and our dream is to have David Beckham for Los Angeles” explained Messi.

* According to the player, there will be high quality pieces and stores will open until July of next year. “If we can gather all the names we intend on, we can be the best and most famous men’s brand in the world” says. Dreaming high is only his last name…

Lionel Messi: the next Giorgio Armani?