Mayer Hawthorne did a great job here in Brazil, whether opening for Amy Winehouse, as was the case this Saturday in São Paulo, sometimes performing solo, as in Rio. Even to an audience that barely knows the Neo-Motown sound, the white dude captivated a lot of people, largely by charisma.

* Always interacting with the public in every show, Mayer asks the audience to pose while he takes a picture with his cell phone. Soon after that, the singer updates his Twitter. Interestingly, he also posts his other impressions of Brazil on the microblog. Like his comment on a picture of the back of a brunette: "The ordinary mediocre ones look like this. It’s seriously not fair." Surely, the gringo made the best of his time here…

Impressions of Mayer as a tourist in Rio, jaw dropped by a brunette at the concert in Sao Paulo and Rio