Glamurama loves to report when a Brazilian production is getting international hype. This time, the good news comes from Choque Cultural Gallery: their artists are the subject of an exhibition that begins on Thursday in the city of Basel, Switzerland. * Everything has been organized by the Brasilea Foundation and the show was named "Streetart und Graffitti Aus Sao Paulo." It brings together a photographic exhibit by Zezão and a selection of original pieces by Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim, MZK, Nove, Pjota, Presto, SHN and Speto. There will also be a screening of the film "Storm", by Stephan Doitschinoff. In fact, Brazilians will perform within the space, where you will also find typical Brazilian music and food. Check out some pictures of the installations.

Brasilea Foundation, installation by Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim at the port of Basel, and works by Zezão: Exporting art