The Gota d’Água movement, protesting against the construction of the Belo Monte power plant and was embraced by several Globo personalities in a video that took over virtual networks, has gained yet another supporter: actor Murilo Rosa. He, who is in New York where he attended the Emmy Awards representing the telenovela "Araguaia", on Monday, said he was "totally against Belo Monte."

* "My opinion is there, I’ve already signed [the petition to be sent to President Rousseff]," said Rosa. The actor, who has just run "Vazio Coração," Alberto Araújo’s first feature film, is booked for 2012 telenovelas. But for now, some vacation.

* Indeed, he is used to long periods in New York with his wife, Fernanda Tavares. The model is actually in town, but didn’t attend the awards to be with her son, Lucas.

Murilo Rosa: vacation in New York

By Pedro Henrique França, from New York