On Wednesday, Glamurama attended the opening of Hot Luxury, organized by the newspaper "International Herald Tribune", at Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo. The opening of the conference, which aims to discuss the luxury market, was made by the fashion editor of the publication, Suzy Menkes. The journalist joked that she had thought about bringing the famous event to the country even before there was any talk about the World Cup. "This happened two years ago. There is no doubt that Brazil is one of the most sophisticated markets. There is a strong culture of fashion and art, plenty of features and an impressive service excellence," she said. To Suzy, another Brazilian asset is the craftsmanship – that will be seen as a luxury in the next 10 or 20 years. "The country has so much to teach on the subject …", she added.

* It’s worth noting that Hot Luxury happens until Friday and will feature speakers such as Mario Testino, Sarah Burton, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Dellal, Cecilia Dean, and other powerful names in the fashion world.

Suzy Menkes: attraction at the opening of Hot Luxury