Glamurama has just had a chat with Carol Trentini, backstage at Cantão’s show, in Lage Park, in Rio. Four years ago, the top walked the catwalk for the same brand. We asked what had changed since then. "A lot. I’m more mature, I know myself better. I know where I am. Gone are those crazy days, when I had to do everything. Now, I respect my own rhythm and missing my family. For three years, I didn’t see anyone, was out of the loop. I am more selective now. It is better to live like this. Or I would have grey hair at 25."

* Carol is here until Thursday. "I’ll shoot with Jean-Baptiste Mondino a special for ‘Elle’ France, the whole thing with me and all in Rio. Then I’ll go back to New York. I don’t know if I’ll work in Sao Paulo. There’s something going on, but no sure thing."

* The model chose to keep mum about this boyfriend, photographer Fabio Bartelt. "But the heart is fine. Always has been. I’ve never complained. I dream of marrying and having children, but only when my career is over, and hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon."

Carol Trentini, lasting career