As we reported before, the musician Marcelo Jeneci did his last U.S. concert in New York on Sunday night. And guess who showed up? David Byrne. And the legendary founder of the Talking Heads liked what he saw. "He’s good, I really liked it," he said in a quick chat with Glamurama. He also went to the concerts of Tulipa Ruiz and Tiê last August, within the same project, "Novas Vozes do Brazil”, supported by the Foreign Ministry, and said to be a fan of our music.

* Byrne, incidentally, had already heard Jeneci’s music. When the Brazilian musician came up to greet him and give him a CD, he was surprised by David’s response: "It’s not necessary, I’ve already got a copy.” Jeneci, of course, was all smiles. "This show was for him," he poured out. The record of the meeting is a Glamurama exclusive. Check it out:

David Byrne, Marcelo Jeneci and Laura Lavieri: meeting in New York

By Pedro Henrique França, from New York