On Thursday evening, fashion designer Phillip Lim, who came to São Paulo to attend Pense Moda (Think Fashion), got a party from Natalie Klein, from the NK store, at in Bar Número. Phillip and his team, incidentally, were the last to arrive – all because the lecture was a huge success, with millions of questions and record time.

* Natalie, accompanied by Tufi Duek, arrived showing off her pregnant belly and soon became the center of attention, with friends wanting to know details and news of this second pregnancy. Michel Klein and his wife, Maria Alice, arrived shortly after their daughter, but in a Head of state kind of scheme: two cars with five bodyguards accompanied the entry and exit of the couple. Inside the two sipped champagne while the security guards waited in line, on the sidewalk across the street.

* Lim was friendly and charming. He arrived, took pictures and got to know the place in a hurry. "I’m a little tired. It’s been a long day. I need a drink to relax," he said. The last of the lounge bar was closed for the party, Phillip sat in one of the first tables and asked for lime Caipirinha, water and vodka with ice. He snacked on their traditional coxinhas, and half an hour later, was at the outside area with friends, smoking and waiting for the van that would take them back to the hotel.

* Thiago Costa Rego, marketing director of NK, said that the 2011 winter collection that came to the store Thursday morning, sold out within hours. "We received over 50 pieces and when we closed the shop there were only two on the racks." Phillip, in fact, has big plans for Brazil and good surprises are on the way. Hooray!

Phillip Lim: enjoying the nightlife in Sao Paulo!