It seems that working as a director is making Madonna more than exited. So much that she spends most of the time in a warehouse in London, filming the movie "W.E.", which tells the story of a young woman, played by actress Abbie Cornish, obsessed by the story about the abdication of King Edward VIII .The filming began in July in London, and the local tabloids report that is the singer is financing the film herself.

* Now, the column "Page Six," from the newspaper "New York Post," says the singer is not only funding the movie, as she is saving money by taking her own furniture to the set. The producers do not confirm the news, but some people say she is "involved in the project in every possible way". In July, when she announced the release of the movie, Madonna was happy with the media coverage. "I created a script that involves rich and powerful people, who I’m sure, will bring money as will investment companies and friends," she said, though she might have been wrong.

* The film shooting in New York begins in September, in a location near the Sotheby’s auction house, which will serve as a backdrop for the film, with release date only for the second semester of 2011.

Madonna, director of the movie "W.E." in London: new challenges in the singer's life