As you already know, Antonio Banderas is in Rio to launch the animation "Puss in Boots," together with Salma Hayek. This, incidentally, is the second time the actor comes to Rio this year. He’s practically a native and when asked about memories of his last passage through the country, Antonio began to enumerate a list of new friends. "I met Mario Cohen, with whom I had a good talk, Milton Nascimento, Ana Maria Braga, a lot of fun …"

*The actor, who has been lending his voice to the main character in Chris Miller’s film for almost 10 years – since his first appearance in "Shrek" in 2002 to the current movie, which is entirely dedicated to the cat – is responsible for the success of the Cat Boots. "I don’t like to keep saying great things about the character because it seems like I’m blowing my own horn, since I see myself so much in him. He gives me a chance to laugh at myself, and that’s great," said Antonio.

*In addition to being responsible for Pussy’s voice in the English version, the actor actually also dubbed copies in Spanish and Italian. "Everything with an accent, which is Pussy’s charm. When I speak Spanish, I invented an Andalusian accent," he joked. Does anyone doubt it’s charming too?

Antonio Banderas at the Copacabana Palace: Friends in Brazil