Actor Marcello Airoldi and photographer Priscila Prade – she was responsible for shooting the film “Bruna Surfistinha” ("Surfer Girl Bruna") – came together to create the exhibition “Da Capivara ao Professor” ("From Capybara to Professor"), which opened at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro , in São Paulo last week, and has been a huge hit.

* The 22 images are the result of work of the photographer, who accompanied a series of trips of Teatro de Perto Theater company through different cities. In the exhibition, the pictures are signed by Priscilla and texts, by Marcello. Together, they wanted to take the results of these trips beyond the stage.

* "We put a magnifying glass on everyday events around us, on human, geographic and poetic aspects. And that has made all the difference in the way of showing what happened, because people’s reaction is exactly what we expected, "said Marcello. The show runs until February 2012. Go see it!

Images of the exhibition “Da Capivara ao Professor” with pictures of Priscilla Prado on display at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro until February 2012