Actress Cleo Pires stopped by Joyce Pascowitch Magazine 5th anniversary party, accompanied by her “boyfriend/husband", João Vicente Castro, writer of "Calderão do Huck. Cleo is part of the family, since she’s been on the cover of Joyce Pascowitch twice. And she wants more, okay, Joyce?

* "I want to do it again. The magazine has good taste and impeccable writing. It cares about every detail, about the light, the clothes and the best photographer. "

* Very discrete, wearing black trousers and a white shirt, she told Glamurama she’s leaving her artistic career on the side for a while. "Now I am developing environmental projects for poor communities," he said. She has just returned from Araras, in Rio, where she’s building a sustainable home. "I am a UNESCO ambassador of the waters and I want to make a difference in people’s lives."

Cleo Pires, João Vicente de Castro and Joyce Pascowitch: among family!