Glamurama saw Claudia Leitte in a different light on Tuesday in Salvador. No electric trio, Carnival costumes or music that instantly makes you want to dance. It was the first part of the recording of the double DVD "Verde Amarelo" at Teatro Castro Alves, and we concluded that even without Carnival and the revelers, Claudia’s energy definitely follows her around, even in a more intimate and acoustic repertoire, that’s still full of emotion.

* After all, besides showing other facets of Claudia as an artist, the purpose of the presentation was to do something different for the Aristides Maltez hospital, of which she is the godmother of the onco-pediatrics unit, and which will receive all proceeds from this night. "The idea for this show came to me when I was on vacation in Los Angeles. I wanted to find a way to help the hospital, thought about doing a bazaar, but I don’t know how to sell anything. I decided to use the gift God gave me and do a charity concert. I’m on edge. This is very important to me," she said.

* The Negalora character, created by Carlinhos Brown, set the tone. The idea was to mix and make a big pot of music with her roots. There was an orchestra of tambourines, a bit of rock’n’roll when she sang with tTico Santa Cruz "O Tempo Não Para" by Cazuza, and a very moving moment when Claudia paid tribute to her grandmother and couldn’t hold back the tears.

* Claudia also received a very special cameo from Sergio Mendes, who accompanied her on piano in "Magalenha." But in the end, the real scene stealer was her 2-year-old son Davi, who went onstage and sang "Locomotion Batucada" with her. So cute! Backstage, Claudia, still very emotional after the show, said it was intense and that she wanted to do it all over again.

* "Singing in this theater is very special to me. But it will not stop here and intend to do a mini-tour and take the show to eight cities in Brazil," she said. About her son, she said it was he who asked to go on stage alone. "It reminded me a lot of when I was little and wanted to perform. It’s uncanny. Will he be an artist too?" She joked. Claudia on stage at Teatro Castro Alves along with Carlinhos Brown and Sergio Mendes: moving.

Claudia on stage at Teatro Castro Alves along with Carlinhos Brown and Sergio Mendes: moving.