Glamurama loved the purse Maria Sole was wearing on Wednesday at Crystal bar. So much so that we talked to her about the accessory of her own creation and life in São Paulo. Girlfriend of Dimitri Mussard – a.k.a Hermès heir – she has been living in Brazil for only a year, but her Portuguese is nearly flawless, with only a charming Italian accent.

* Maria, who owns the brand Le Petit Joueurs, is bringing her bags to Brazil this month. The pieces will be sold at Daslu and are total a must-have, even before they land here.

* "Right now they are sold at Luisa Viaroma in Florence, which is kind of like an Italian Colette. It’s a very exclusive store and those purses are part of a limited edition," she said. Maria also told us she’s negotiating a collaboration with some brands and that, in addition to bags, she has designs for other accessories and even shoes.

Maria Sole and Dimitri Mussard: Chat with Glamurama