Actor John Malkovich was the most excited at the cocktail thrown by Myrian Dauelsberg, the Dell’Arte – responsible for bringing him to Brazil – at Parque Guinle in Laranjeiras, in Rio. He kept asking about Palácio das Laranjeiras, residence of the governor of the state, since you could spot it from Myriam’s apartment window, and talking about how Brazil is in the world’s imagination.

* Very cute, Malokovich spoke with everyone and exchanged ideas with many actors who were there, as Cissa Guimarães, Rosamaria Murtinho Antonio Grassi, Lucélia Santos and Carla Camurati, director of the stage where he’ll perform in Rio soon, John, incidentally, will spent the entire Wednesday there rehearsing the play "The Infernal Comedy – Confessions of a Serial Killer."

* After the cocktail, he still had the energy to have dinner at Gula Gula. Check out the clicks from Tuesday night:

John Malkovich, Cissa Guimarães and Myrian Dauelsberg, Carla Camurati, Antonio Grassi and Rosamaria Murtinho: meeting for John