In chat with Reinold Geiger, the CEO of L’Occitane, Glamurama found out that Trancoso will be getting an extra special gift: a festival of classical music.

* It was there, on the beach of Itapororoca, where he has a house, that he met the Countess Sabine Lovatelli, celebrated classical music entrepreneur and founder of the Mozarteum Brasileiro. Together, they are turning the idea into reality. "I’m Austrian, we love classical music. If all goes well, by March 2012 we’ll have all the ingredients to make a beautiful event," he said.

* Another love of Geiger, of course, is Brazil. "People are very open. When I arrived in Trancoso, I did not know anyone, and in no time, I made many friends," he melted. On Thursday, Reinold traveled to his retreat in southern Bahia and stay there for four days. "Too bad it’s not enough time," he joked. We agree…

Reinold Geiger: shade and fresh water