Carolina Herrera and her daughter, Carolina Herrera Jr., will arrive in Brazilian lands in October 5th, to see their new store, opened this May, at the Cidade Jardim Shopping in São Paulo.

* Their trip starts in Rio, where they will be staying at Copacabana Palace. On their schedule, an action on one of the most visited points of the city. Invited by Maira Caleffi, president of Femama, Carolina Herrera will light up the "Cristo Redentor". The event opens officially the "Pink October", paying tributes to women fighting Breast Cancer. In the next day, stylish swimwear designer Lenny Niemeyer is throwing them a party at her house.

* On October 7, they go to São Paulo for a big celebration. Besides visiting the new store, a trunk show and the presentation of the new 2010/2011 summer collection marks their visit. On their last day around, the duo receives the press and a few guests for interviews, before going back to New York.

Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera Jr.: packed to come to Brazil