It was on Saturday that Kiko de Goeye married Patricia Norbert at Quinta da Baroneza. And not even the brief power outage or the torrential rain that flooded the chapel prevented the ceremony from happening – and from being beautiful! As if by magic, the planners moved the chapel to the incredible home of the father of the bride, Fernando Norbet, overlooking the lake and designed by Edo Rocha. A walkway filled with Persian rugs was quickly set up and the dance floor was turned into an altar.

* Among the wedding entourage were Bia Antony, friendly as always, and Ronaldo, who even signed autographs up there. The groom’s mother, Yvonne de Goeye, was very elegant party in a dress newly bought in Paris. The décor, impeccable, was signed by the company Bossa Nova, while the buffet was Charlô Whately. A toast!