This is very artsy! The publisher of "Visionaire", Cecilia Dean, who came to Brazil to launch the new edition of the publication, told us three performance artists she loves and that are making the rounds in New York. The first is Englishman Tino Sehgal, who has a background in dance and political economics. "He did an amazing performance at the Guggenheim Museum, I loved it! He removed everything from the museum, it was the first time the space was completely empty, and put people to talk to the audience about progress," she said.

* Rashaad Newsome, from New Orleans, is another artist she recommended. "He is extremely creative and innovative. One of the performances I saw was in an art gallery in West Chelsea. He promoted a fight between rappers, and the texts were all improvised. What impressed me most was that he united two audiences as diverse as rappers and people in the art world, and everybody got along very well. "

* Finally, Cecilia recommends the work of Ryan McNamara, who is from Phoenix, but lives in Brooklyn. "He’s an artist whose performances involve humor, pop culture references and questions of identity. Last year, he held a performance in a gallery where people took dancing lessons of rhythms such as hip-hop and even strip-tease. It’s the kind of activity that encourages participation." Cool!

Cecilia Dean: three artists