26.01.2011  /  14:00

In English

Franca Sozzani is editor in chief of Vogue Italy, and from the high horse of all her pomp and knowledge, decided to lash against what she calls a lack of elegance in fashion photography. “Why is it that the fashion magazines, the ones doing the most research, fall into out of line, worrisome, and at times vulgar traps?” she complained on her blog.

* And she didn’t stop there… "We have seen nudes of men and women for a while without purpose if not shocking the audience. Beginning of the 90s. Glamorous images. There was the Terry Richardson trend with Juergen Teller, both of them trashy photographers that transformed nudes into something sexy and crude rather than glossy. How about little girls? Wearing heavy make up, sexy clothes, posing in poses that are outrageous for their age." Is Terry going to respond? He should!

Franca Sozzani: machine gun pointed at Terry Richardson