22.09.2010  /  12:00

Coluna in english

This month’s issue of PODER magazine has already arrived the newsstands, and tells the story about Lily Safra, the most famous Brazilian from the international jet set, that got out of the suburbs of Rio to millionaire weddings, tragedies and trust funds.

* The article recounts her luxury life, the expressive donations to charity, besides the biographies written about her. It also brings a list with the most popular and polemic rumors involving the millionaire, that were denied by her representatives.

* And speaking about polemics, Glamurama publishes this Tuesday an interview with the Canadian journalist Isabel Vincent, author of the book "Gilded Lily: The Making of One of the World’s Wealthiest Women", about Lily’s trajectory . Check here to read the whole interview.

Lily Safra, in PODER magazine: the most famous Brazilian on the international jet set