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Skin Positivity! Conheça o movimento que foca na aceitação da pele imperfeita e descubra influenciadoras para seguir agora mesmo

Influenciadoras ao redor do mundo mostram que nem toda pele é perfeita… e tudo bem / Crédito: Instagram

Nem toda a pele é perfeita… e tudo bem. Em tempos de repúdio a todo o tipo de preconceito contra o que não se encaixa nos padrões de perfeição estipulados pela sociedade, inclusive corpo e idade, um movimento vem se destacando também: o Skin Positivity.

Assim como o Body Positivity, reúne mulheres que mostram a realidade de suas peles, seja ela com acne, rosácea, dermatite atópica, manchinhas ou até mesmo as ‘fofas’ sardas. Além de promover aceitação, elas mostram como cuidar da pele nesses casos e estão sempre compartilhando as melhores dicas de skin care e maquiagem.

A seguir, confira cinco perfis de meninas que não têm medo de sair com a cara limpa e seus conselhos valiosos:

Lou Northcote (@lounorthcote)

Com 20 mil seguidores, Lou sempre compartilha fotos sem maquiagem e dicas preciosas. Além de seu perfil pessoal, ela é dona do projeto @freethepimple_ (libere a espinha), um trocadilho com a hashtag #freetheniple. Neste perfil, Lou posta fotos de várias pessoas que aceitam suas peles e que servem de inspiração para outras meninas que tentam se esconder.

Whitney Maduke (@whitneymadueke)

Whitney é uma influenciadora de maquiagem, mas as fotos que fazem sucesso são as em que aparece de cara lavada, mostrando ao público as manchas deixadas pela acne.

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Did you catch Fridays Youtube video? Well the link is in my bio and I talk all about my recent acne/breakouts in September and how I got my skin back. My current skincare routine hardly ever focuses on dark spots – I’m not cornered with it! I’m primarily focused on an overall healthy skin that’s really hydrated and smooth! Skin is a very sensitive topic for most but I always strive to not let pple project their insecurities on me and also to tame moments when my insecurities might be louder than needed. Life is ever changing and so many things affects my skin resulting in breakouts- food, hormones, stress etc. This time around I figured it out and that helped! P.S DONT GIVE ME ADVICE ON MY SKIN. I DONT WANT IT, I DIDNT ASK FOR IT. IM SHARING FOR OTHERS OUT THERE TO KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! Thank you! ???? #TheWhitneySmile

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Gabriela Mour (@brielamour89)

Gabriela é ilustradora e faz retratos lindos de si mesma. Também compartilha dicas nos stories. Recentemente, ela falou sobre a sua nova rotina de alimentação, que inclui suco verde quase todos os dias. Gabriela também explica cada produto que usa!

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I really want to share a little encounter I had today ☀️. . The traffic is ridiculous, and I of course needed a pee break ?. I got down to use the restroom to find out there was a DMV style line ?. . The woman in front of me turned around and looked at me, I felt it, but didn’t acknowledge her. She looked at me again, and I could see she was trying to gather courage to say something to me …(I thought to myself, she better not give me advice, I’m just tryna’ pee!) she looked at me again and I decided to smile at her ✨. . She then said “I wanted to say, you are very blessed. You have the most beautiful eyes “ … . I melted ??❤️, thanked her and said I really appreciate that nice comment. . Didn’t tell her, but it’s nice to get compliments about OTHER THINGS, regardless of the visible breakouts. . That little conversation filled my heart with joy. . Goes to show, if I had been on defense, assuming she kept looking at my skin … and instead of smiling at her, if I had rolled my eyes or been rude to her, the outcome would have been very different. She wouldn’t have felt comfortable enough to say something kind to me, because I would have blocked it with my victim mentally assuming from the start she was judging me . . Next time someone is looking at you, and you feel self conscious.. SMILE! Chances are, you’ll never see that person again. They could totally be admiring your outfit, your killer eye liner, your amazing eyebrows or bone structure… . We shouldn’t assume they’re automatically judging us because of the condition of our skin ✨. . Sometimes people will surprise you ☀️. . . . #skinpositivity #acnepositivity #normalizeacne #selflove #selfacceptance #acnepositivity #acnecommunity #kindness

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Sofia Grahn (@isotretinoinwiths)

Ela foi uma das precursoras do movimento. A modelo sueca contou para os seus seguidores detalhes sobre a sua jornada com as espinhas, e hoje enfrenta as manchas deixadas por elas.

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December 2019 vs. Oktober 2018? This is not a before and after, not in the traditional sense anyways . Before I started this page I was miserable, in more ways than one. I still don’t have everything figured out, but through this page I am in a way healthier mindset about my skin. Despite its imperfections, going through Isotretinoin, dealing with aftermath of scars and hyperpigmentation and eventually relapsing – I am fine. I could have been back at that low point that was 2018, but through this page I have learned to accept my skin. To distance myself my worthiness from my skin. And just sometimes – flaunting my skin and loving my red embellished cheeks? . It’s December, ‘tis the time for celebration. It’s the end of a year, and I thank myself everyday for taking the leap to defy one of my biggest fears and posting a bare faced selfie of myself. What an exploration it has been, how many amazing people I have had the pleasure to become acquainted with and how much I have grown✨ . Thank you so much @skinpositivitymovement for tagging me in this celebratory act to highlight #skinpositivity ? . #acnepositivity #acnepositive #acne #skinneutrality #acnescars #acnecommunity #hyperpigmentation #normalizeskintexture #acneawareness #normalizeacne #effyourbeautystandards

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Karishma Lecraz (@yasitskrishy)

Karishma usou seu Instagram para contar sobre sua luta contra a dermatite atópica, doença que a acompanha desde os 2 anos. Desde então, a indiana passou a receber diversos relatos de seguidores que também sofrem com a doença e usa o seu Instagram, que também fala sobre maquiagem artística, para compartilhar informações.

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#eczemaawareness My names is Karishma and I've been suffering with atopic eczema for as long as I can remember. I've had it on my body since I was 2 and on my face since I was 16. I'm now 26. It's been a long fucking time. I dont think anyone would be able to fully understand how tough dealing with something like this is unless you've experienced it yourself. It's not just a "skin problem". The first photo is me on my good skin days and the following photos and videos are my bad skin days when my eczema flares up. Its extremely painful and sore to the point I sometimes cant even open my eyes or mouth fully. I'm in constant fear of skin infections due to my open wounds. The itching is so unbelievably uncontrollable and dont even get me started on what it does to your mental health and self esteem! I'm doing this because I'm tired of hiding. You literally see the smallest percentage of someone's life on Instagram and people tend to forget this so quickly. I want people to be more aware of how server this can get and how much of an impact in makes on our lives. Some days I dont even want to get out of bed let alone leave the house because of how uncomfortable it is and how horrible it looks and I really hate dealing with the staring and constant "what's wrong with your face". I've decided to share my journey for the next couple of weeks as I tackle my diet and eliminate foods such as dairy and gluten to see just how much of an impact our gutt has on our wellbeing. I'd like to thank everyone for being so supportive in the last two weeks the messages I've been getting have honestly melted my heart. This was such a hard thing for me to be open about but I'm grateful to be in contact with those of you who also are going through the same thing. It's nice not feeling alone. I love you ❤ #eczema #nodairy #nogluten

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