05.10.2010  /  12:00

Coluna in english

Who sees Lea Michele today doesn’t even imagine that during high school she was very quiet and shy. The actress, who is on the cover of the British "Marie Claire", told the magazine how she felt different from other people: my school was like ‘Gossip Girl’. I didn’t like the same things as them. I went to the parties because I thought I had to go.

* And her opinion about going out hasn’t changed much: "This is who I am. I rather have a nice shower at home and relax". But Lea hasn’t always been so self-conscientious. The young actress says that participating on "Glee" made her feel beautiful, not matte who she is felling or thinking. "Now, when people say I’m great, I don’t feel like it is a lie."

Lea Michele for British "Marie Claire": The ugly duck's story