03.06.2011  /  16:00

In English

As you know, Glamurama has an eye out for everything that’s going on at the 54th Venice Biennale. And guess who we met on Thursday? Franca Sozzani, the powerful editor of Vogue Italy. She was very friendly, as usual.

* Of course we had to ask her about her impressions of Brazilian fashion. And you know what she told us? That between visits to the Biennale, she is following what is going on at Fashion Rio. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

* And when the subject was the Biennial itself, she said she took a keen interest in the Greek pavilion, but that she’s enjoying the show as a whole as well. Moreover, the male issue of Vogue Italy this month is totally dedicated to the Biennal.

Franca Sozzani: conversation in Venice