30.09.2011  /  16:00

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In more than 20 years of work, Nina Pandolfo can not choose her favorite piece. "It was very difficult to select those that would be part of the book," she says about "Nina," being released next Monday with much of the artist’s trajectory, which began when she was still little, sketching and painting canvases. "I saw those paintings on the walls, but didn’t know what they were until I met Otavio," she said, referring to her husband, Otavio Pandolfo, of the graffiti artist duo osgemeos.

* Nina was only 14 when she met Otavio and graffiti, and 15 when she took her first spray. And she never stopped. "My style is always the same, the walls or canvases are just different platforms," she says. However, she does think that some paintings look better on the walls. "I did a painting on the tragedy of Iraq, for example. That would not make sense in a gallery."

* The book project grew out of contact with presenter Eliana, who is a fan of Nina’s work and approached her, suggesting they worked together in a publication by Master Books, Eliana’s publisher. Nina not only agreed, as was very involved in the process. "I wrote a text, a poem, telling my story like a fairy tale," she says. Her writing is very ludic, marked by the "girls with big eyes" of her more traditional drawing. In addition to Nina’s text, the book also features the collaboration of the curators Steves Lazarides and Marsea Goldberg, as well as journalist, critic and curator Mario Gioia.

Book "Nina": from pencil to spray