28.09.2010  /  12:00

Coluna in english

Known for being a place were the celebrities go without caring about security and invasion of privacy, Martha’s Vineyard island, on the south of Massachusetts, will never be the same if the singer Lady Gaga closes the deal and sign the purchase of a property near by.

* According to the portal "WWD", Gaga is keeping an eye on the six rooms, eight bathrooms, five living rooms and many other perks mansion. The cost of property is still kept under wraps. What is known is that the singer has stayed there earlier this year, paying rent of $ 25,000 per month.

* Some say that the contract is about to be signed. To get the picture, Paul McCartney has a house in the area and Obama rented a mansion to spend summer vacation with his family there. Because of the history of the lady’s eccentricities, there are already people betting that the place time of quietness has its days counted. Complicated…