05.10.2011  /  16:00

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The vicinity of the Sotheby’s building in New York has been teeming with trucks this week. All on account of very anticipated auction of part of the collection of works of art assembled by the late banker Edmond Safra and his widow, Lily. Among the items put on sale there are rare pieces, such as 17th century Russian vases and 19th century paintings.

* Known for their excellent taste, and limitless budget, Edmond and Lily were considered authorities when it came to 16th-century European furniture. Just one piece in Sotheby’s lot, a Louis XVI style bedside table decorated in gold, is priced at between US$ 5 and 7 million.

* The organizers of the auction, to be held between October 18 and 21, are hoping to raise at least US$ 40 million. Not too bad for only four days. Actually, not too bad for a lifetime.

Part of the furniture and art collection of Edmond and Lily Safra: unique treasures