20.10.2010  /  12:00

Coluna in english

In spite of having hung her Victoria’s Secret Wings, Heidi Klum is as busy as ever. The supermodel latest work, confirmed on an interview at Jay Leno’s talk-show, will be hosting a kid’s show on the North American channel Lifetime.

* The new attraction, baptized as "Seriously Funny Kids", is already being produced and should be on by next year. The idea is basically to watch Heidi interacting with the kids and listening to their most absurd statements.

* In the 90’s, the Brazilian presenter Xuxa tried a similar attraction in the United States but the program was cancelled, although it had a good audience. And all because they though the Brazilian blond was too "sexy" for their patterns. Will the German blond, with her bombshell background, be any luckier?

Heidi Klum and Jay Leno: future plans