The November 2nd holiday was all work for former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who gave a lecture on the new global order on Wednesday evening. The event, which took almost all the seats in Sala São Paulo, downtown, is part of the project Fronteiras do Pensamento (Frontiers of Thought). "Despite coming here often, is the first time I get on stage. Instead of listening to the orchestra play, I’ll try not to speak out of tune," joked Cardoso, whose lecture was filled with humor.

* Sociologist spoke about the 1968 movement in France, globalization and technological changes that affect today’s society, among other issues. With his sharp tongue at times, he said that "Brazil isn’t poor, but unfair." He also drew laughter from the audience when talking about the time he was president. "We make the main decisions alone. You can talk with your wife at the most, if she’s trustworthy," he said, laughing.

* After the event, in an exclusive chat with Glamurama, FHC talked about returning to the presidential palace last week for a dinner with President Rousseff. "It’s always nice to see again the place where I lived for so long. It is very well taken care of," he praised. When the subject was the current president’s conduct before the political crisis in the ministries and the global crisis, FHC spared criticism. "Every government has to face the problems, and that’s what she’s doing. Dilma inherited many difficult situations and is trying to resolve them. The general framework hinders the action of the Brazilian president because here there was a progression of this give and take mentality. It gets in the way," he said.

* Among the VIP who watched Fernando Henrique Cardoso was the Secretary of Culture, Andrea Matarazzo, journalist Mônica Waldvogel, psychoanalyst and Jorge Forbes and lawyer and partner of Casa do Saber Pierre Moreau.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso: working on holiday